• AYP Notification Letter

    December 12, 2013

    Dear Parents:

    We want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and hope you have a wonderful holiday season. We’ve had some lovely Christmas programs this month; I hope you got the chance to see one. The kids are excited and fairly buzzing around the school in anticipation of Christmas. It is heartwarming.

    Sadly, I was recently notified through Wyoming Department of Education that our school did not make the 85.4% Annual Yearly Progress benchmark in reading. Consequently, we are in year one of improvement. We did make the 85.4% benchmark in math.

    The Wyoming State Department of Education requires us to inform you if we don’t make the AYP benchmark that you have the right to attend another school in our district. Obviously, since we’re a small district there is no other school. (If you get the government figured out, please call me and explain it if you would.)

    I believe Urie is an excellent school regardless, and it would appear that the state is in the process of retooling the accountability system for next year. If they don’t, we will have to make 100% proficient in both LA and math.

    We promise to redouble our efforts to make sure your child has the best education we can possibly provide.


    Layne Parmenter

    Urie Principal