• Life's an adventure, and I don't intend to waste one minute of it...

    My name is Layne Parmenter, and I'm very proud to be the principal of Urie Elementary. This is my fourteenth year here. Before I came to Urie, I taught English and Spanish for sixteen years at Lyman High School, coached volleyball from 1988 to about 2000, and  more recently helped as a volunteer.

    I do enjoy a good adventure from time to time, and being an elementary principal is certainly that. Some of my favorite things about Urie: seeing the students come in every morning from the bus; observing the wonderful teachers I get to work with work their magic in the classroom; handing out books to students when they reach their reading goals; talking and laughing with Krysta Bowers, our secretary, and Dyan Hill, our nurse; and I really like seeing students learn and grow as individuals. It's always thrilling to me when I see a student really get excited about reading because I know they have every possibility of doing well in life.

    Kids say and do some fabulous things. We had a kinder student a few years back who would stop by the side door of my office every morning, face me, bow slightly, and say, "Good morning, your honor." How do you not love that? It was a challenge to keep a straight face. No too long ago I heard another student, a third grader, come out of a handwriting session muttering angrily to himself, "Cursive! Cursive! I can't learn cursive, I don't even know English yet."

    My wife Andra and I have two daughters: Vanessa and Chelsea. That's definitely been an adventure.  All four of us work in education. Andra is special services secretary in our district. Vanessa is a physical education teacher in Salt Lake City, Ut, and Chelsea has worked as a math and reading para in the district while finishing her Masters in teaching special education.

    I like outdoor adventures as well as the indoor kind at Urie. I've been a professional whitewater guide since the mid-seventies mostly on the Main Salmon River in central Idaho and on the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. As near as I can remember––and that's not very well––I've done nearly 250 expeditions on a variety of rivers in the northwest.

    I also enjoy hiking slot canyons in Zion National Park, skiing at any of the resorts on the Wasatch front, and riding my bike around the valley when the weather permits. I enjoy taking nature photos and putting them in Google Earth. Oh, and I read a lot for enjoyment and for work.

    It's my sincerest desire that you find a warm welcome at our school, whether you come as a visitor, parent, student, fellow educator, or in any other role. I like to think of Urie as the best dang little schoolhouse in the West. We'll do our best to make it just that.