• Principal's Message

    Today during our Eagle's Nest time, students were shown a presentation about Standard Response Protocol.  
    Like all districts, we are constantly in the process of creating safer schools and doing everything we can to ensure that students entering our building will be kept safe.  If you have visited our school during the day, you will have noticed that the doors are always locked and that visitors need to get buzzed into the building and check in at the office.  If you have ever been asked to step in front of the camera it is so that we can verify who you are.  Thank-you for doing that.  
    We are also in the process of training students, staff and community members in Standard Response language.  This creates a common language for school personnel, law enforcement, and the community to understand what is going on in the school in the event of an emergency.  
    Today's presentation for students included the information contained in link to the right labeled SRP Handout.  Please take the opportunity to look at the handout.
    We have been working on creating safer schools for some time.  I believe that this will be an ever evolving process.  Every public school tragedy gives us reason to pause and consider if what we are doing is sufficient.  In the coming weeks and months we will continue to inform kids, families and staff.  We are currently working on an improved reuinfication plan.  
    Thanks for letting your great kids be part of our great school.  I love them all.  
    Justin Smith


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